Tips to Make Cleaning a Habit Not a Chore

Maci Hiser

Tips to Make Cleaning a Habit Not a Chore

Not many people love to clean, and among those rare tidy people that find the task soothing, few want to spend hours on end getting a specific cleaning job done. This means that for the rest of us—the ones who don’t find doing the dishes to be an act of meditation—spending hours on a chore can make the job unbearable. To combat this, take a note from the neat and tidy people in your life and follow these tips to make cleaning a painless habit rather than a tedious chore.

Wipe Your Bathroom Counters Nightly
From stuck-on hairspray to mysteriously far-traveling toothpaste spots, your bathroom counters can get grimy fast. Instead of spending precious minutes scrubbing layers of grime off your counters occasionally, incorporate a quick wipe-down in your nightly routine. A fast swipe of a cleaning rag or disposable wipe after you’ve brushed your teeth is all it takes to keep your counters spotless.

Put Away Your Dishes Each Morning
Letting dirty dishes pile up can cause unpleasant smells and attract pests. Make it easy for your household to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher right away; start by putting your clean dishes away daily. Consider taking a few minutes out of your morning while your coffee brews or your bagel toasts. You’d be surprised how quickly the task can be accomplished.

Swish and Swipe Your Toilet Bowl
Bathroom maintenance is many people’s most dreaded chore. Keep your bathroom chores to a minimum by preventing unnecessary grime and bacterial growth from forming. Take a tip from the cleaning experts and implement a quick swish with a gentle cleanser and your toilet brush one a day. This will keep your toilet clean without the need for excessive scrubbing and caustic chemicals.

Wash Dishes While You Cook
Meal prep can be a messy process. Instead of dirtying a lot of dishes and attempting to tackle them all after dinner, give yourself an easier task by handwashing your prep tools while your food is cooking. Cleaning dishes as you go not only ensures less to do at once, but it also prevents food particles from drying and adhering to your dishes, which can make them harder to clean.

With a few smart cleaning tips, tedious tasks can become simple and efficient daily habits.

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